A-General Plumbing Tips: Save Money on Water Bills

A-General Plumbing Tips: Save Money on Water Bills

It’s often observed that faulty fixtures and leaked water lines can become quite an expensive deal for a home owner due wastage of water. If not fixed in time your water bill can run into thousands of dollars.

There are various reasons for leaks in your home that can cost you a lot of money. Firstly, they can increase your water bill dramatically, especially if the leak is in the toilet, bathroom, bathtub. Secondly, that can cause extensive damage to floor and fitting in the household and that is costly to repair and third reason is health problems. They can be a source of mold and mildew and therefore should be corrected upon if you notice it.

Search for Leaky Faucets

Always spare some time to check all the plumbing fixtures at your. The easiest and perhaps the most obvious way to find a leak is by walking through your home and making a visual inspection. Check all the taps and faucets in your shower, bathroom sinks, outdoor taps, kitchen sinks, washing machine, in the gardening area and the main water supply line that is placed outside the house.

Always keep a check on the Outdoor Taps

Do remember the outdoor taps, as it is connected to the house can cause a problem deep inside the walls of your home. It can make the walls wet and damp. When you turn on the outdoor faucet look and see whether or not you are getting full water pressure. And when the water is turned off, check to see if the water is dripping out of the tap to avoid any further inconvenience.

What are the signs of a Leak in the Toilet?

If you are suffering from a leaky toilet, be ready to shell out some extra cash. It can waste gallons of water every day. Signs of a leaky toilet includes, water that turns on and off intermittently during the day, water ripples that occur in a toilet bowl, water that runs in the tank unless you move the handle and simple test for a toilet leak can determine the exact location of the leaks.

Test your toilet leakages

To test a leaking toilet, mix a few drops of dark food coloring in the toilet tank. Do not flush the toilet for about an hour and after 60 minutes, check the toilet bowl. If the food coloring appears in the bowl, that shows you have a leak in the toilet lines. These can be treated by hiring a residential plumbing repair company or if the leak is minimal you can do it yourself as well.

Check the Water Meter

When everything else is checked, you can finally come to the water meter. Check the water meter when no one is using water in the house, new meters that have been installed these days are equipped with a leak-detection gauge. If the watch the leak detection gauge spinning, this is the sign of an undetected leak. Older water meters may not have the leak-detection gauge.

If you still feel that there are a few leakages that needs some repairs, call up an emergency plumbing service. With innovation in tools and technology, plumbers these days can provide all kinds of repairs such as jetting services, leak detection, video pipe inspection and much more.


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