What are Grease-trap?

What are Grease-trap?

Sample this: In the US in any year, sewers back-up (ie throw their muck back on the road) an astounding 400000 times and municipal sewers all overflow at least 40000 times.

And the leading cause of such incidents? Sewer-pipe blockage due to fats, oils and greases. And where FOG does not completely block the sewer causing an overflow, it puts hurdles in utility operations and increases maintenance costs.

One way of getting rid of it is by using 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

FOG typically is the gooey, greasy stuff that gets generated in most kitchens be it commercial or households where cooking oils, butter, lard and other cooking mediums are used.

Grease-traps are one of the main devices which are built into the sewer lines connecting households/ commercial establishment to the municipalities’ main sewer line. These, a kind of “sumps” in the sewer lines, are the primary devices by which grease and other sticky substances flowing from kitchen sinks come and rest in these sumps. Over time, these “sumps” need to be cleaned which any 24-hours plumbing company can do quite effectively and efficiently.

The problem arises where either these grease-traps are either installed incorrectly or are of the incorrect type or size or are neglected for long durations during which grease hardens and forms lumps which obstructs the flow of sewer water into the mainline. With lesser space for water to flow (or sometimes not space), household or commercial sewer lines ooze water either into households or on to roads and other public spaces.

For commercial establishments and eateries in NJ and surrounding areas, Plumbers in ocean county NJ offer some great services to commercial establishments and eateries by contracting sewer cleaning services which includes regular inspection and cleaning of grease-trap such that they never let sewer water overflow anywhere.

On the issue of Grease-trap, dirt it may collect but still, it’s got history behind it! Yes, they came around in the Victorian era as far back as the 1800s and today has quite a few variants which depends entirely upon its intended use, like:

  • Grease traps for normal kitchen run-offs

  • Grease traps for big kitchens, hotels and eataries whose capacities go as high as 45000 liters

  • Grease traps also differ on the basis of the materials used like stainless steel, plastics, concrete & cast iron and can be located above or below tthe ground whether inside or outside the building.

If you ever have problems with your grease traps, 24 hour emergency plumbing services in NJ could be your best bet for a long and uninterrupted sewer-line flow.

Keep it clean. And see business flow!


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