What Are The Solutions For A Drain Clogged With Hair?

What Are The Solutions For A Drain Clogged With Hair?

What is the one thing in the entire human body which defies degeneration and can sometimes takes more than a few centuries to degenerate, not to mention bringing you in contact of drain cleaning services in your area every now and then? Not many realize it, but the answer to this question is HUMAN HAIR, the one primary reason why most drains, be it from wash-hand basins to tubs get clogged from time to time and drain cleaning services make a beeline to your place.

Egyptian Pharos’ mummies discovered millennias after being buried had one thing intact. Hair!

Now think of what it can do to your drains when they form a ball when you either willfully or otherwise put them there. Even beard hair of a certain length and beyond can cause clogging. The keratin in human hair is a kind of plasticky stuff which does not dissolve easily. In fact, like plastics, hair has the tendency of just being there and not doing the disappearing act that other body parts do.

What then should you do to avoid your drains getting clogged with it?

1. Do not discard hair into drains! This is seriously a no-brainer! If you don’t put it there, it obviously won’t clog! So if that’s so, why willfully clog it.

2. Use drain covers with the finest mesh nets! They let only water pass while obstructing the rest. The obstructed which could include hair can then easily be scooped up and disposed with the rest of the dry/ wet waste which every home/ office/ establishment generates.

3. Use drain cleaners regularly! Most sewer drain cleaning services anywhere will tell you that drain cleaners have chemicals which can dissolve grease, hairball, tissue-paper and every such stuff that people carelessly toss into the drain every now and then. But mind you, these cleaners where overused can eat away and corrode surfaces of most drain pipes where used too frequently and in large quantities. They also cause water pollution by mixing with the water pouring down the drain.

4. Where possible, use the services of the best sewer and drain cleaning services in New Jersey so that your problems get nipped in the bud and never raise their head ever. Also, make this a regular practice instead of a one-time thing.


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