What Are The Risks Of Hiring A Plumber Without A License?

What Are The Risks Of Hiring A Plumber Without A License?

Plumbing may seem a task which can be done by anyone but in reality, is not all that simple. Done by inexperienced hands who is not a licensed plumber in NJ, it could well spell disaster where the job undertaken requires skill, training and sound knowledge of piping and water flows.

For things as small as a faucet leak or a clogged drain, the trusted neighborhood plumber could for once be without a license but depending upon them every now and then, and increasingly for complicated works like drain cleaning, jetting and the likes could be very, very risky.

Today we give you reasons why it makes sense to go only with licensed plumbers.

1. Assurance of a level of service

Licensed plumbers in NJ typically get their license ONLY after they attain a level of service quality. Getting work done through them means you are assured of quality of service at all times. If it isn’t, you always have the option to go out and get their license revoked from the local county which could be a body blow to their work. For precisely this reason, the best plumbers in the NJ area are the licensed ones.

2. License speaks of an office and place of work

You don’t get a license unless you have an office and a bare-minimum of staff and equipment. This, in itself is an assurance of that the work shall be done to a level of satisfaction and if not, the plumber can be approached for compensation at a particular place. Unlicensed plumbers are known to be fly-by-night operators who give assurances but nothing beyond.

3. Assurance of a level of knowledge

With technology going hi-tech in every field, your trusted neighbourhood plumber ought to be a step ahead of competition. And that, takes places ONLY when you are forced to undergo constant training which are a feature of licensing norms worldwide. Licenses are never issued to those who do not have adequate knowledge as doing so could jeopardise lives for no fault of the premises owner. It is thus important to go with certified plumbers nearby.

4. Assurance of good products

With knowledge, a licensed plumber can suggest the best product from competing products which satisfy one’s needs. Some also stock good, licensed products and retail them at competitive prices. In all, this could be a very good reason to go with a licensed plumber near you.

5. Assurance of tax-related issues

Taxes are a fact of life whose implications should never be under-estimated by anyone anywhere. With unlicensed plumbers, you never know his/ her/ their tax status and could be in a spot if the do not issue the right kind of invoices for the work they accomplish or cannot otherwise service your tax-related matters.

6. For seniors wanting to claim deductions in service charges

Senior Citizens by law can claim deductions in their plumbing bills for a variety of service which they utilize for the homes. These can ONLY be given by licensed plumbers. That being the case, this is one solid, solid reason only license plumbers are ever used for plumbing. Another could be that seniors ought to have good and assured service which can happen only when you use licensed plumbers!


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