Blocked drains; don’t take it lightly, your health is at stake



Has the health issues increased all of a sudden in your family? Your blocked drainage may be the reason for this. A blocked drainage is a major reason for diseases.

Is it happening that your family members are all of sudden falling sick? Every now and then they are facing minor health problem? And you don’t know the reason for this. You have tried everything but you just can’t understand the reason for the problem. Have you checked your drainage system? Your drainage might be the issue.

Is your kitchen sink taking time to drain the water? Or unpleasant smell is coming from the drain pipes? These are the signs of blocked drains. Now you might think that this problem does not need much attention but that is not the case. Blocked drains are the major issues which lead to health issues. You need immediately contact the drain cleaning service provider to solve the issue.

Blocked drain, the main culprit

Blocked drains are caused by the accumulation of sticky material in the water pipes. Many times stuff like food, hair, etc gets stuck in the pipes and starts accumulating. Because of this the water from the shower or kitchen sink takes time to drain. Many times the drain pipes emit foul smell. Once the pipes are clogged, either the water stops draining from the sink or the debris starts coming out of the sink and toilets. The blocked water may also start leaking and also rust the pipes.

The blockage leads to accumulation of the water. And stagnant water is never good for our health or the health of our house. The majority of health problems are caused by the clogged drainage system as it is a major reason for the water borne diseases. There are many issues arising because of the blocked drains.

Health issues because of blocked drains

Blocked drains mean stagnant filthy water, and it is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects. These spread diseases and allergies. Studies have shown that many individual die because of the water borne diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. It may also in turn affect the drinking water supply. We have to extra careful regarding the quality of our water.

Blocked drains also emit foul odor. This may not have a direct effect on our health, but the constant bad smells affect our mood. And being in bad mood is never good. It might affect our work performance or relationships.

People having low immunity power are more prone to diseases because of the blocked drains. Like people having allergies or are suffering from asthma will get effected easily. Their problems may just increase because of the constant exposure to dirty environment. And blocked drains also have adverse effect on the skin and harbors skin diseases. So, it is advised to take extra care if you are facing drainage issues.

Often we think that we can solve this problem ourselves, but it is a chaotic task. It is recommended that you call for professional drain cleaning service. A proper drain cleaning service provider has professional tools and they can solve the problem in much less time. The few of the suitable ways of clearing the clogged pipes are:

RooTrol: Rootrol is a chemical which is used to eliminate root and fungus growth. This chemical gives result overnight and is completely safe to use. It paralyses the roots and fungus and later it degraded it and spreads over the pipe to prevent the growth again.

Lenzyme: This method helps the septic tanks in working and controls the odor and digests the waste.

Rosseptic: This method is used to recondition the septic tank. It also prevents clogging.

Once you call the professional drain cleaning service provider, they can help you in choosing the right method. If you are looking for drain cleaning service provider in New Jersey, contact A-General as they provide the best service in plumbing, sewer and drainage management.



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