Repair Ice makers and enjoy Christmas without hurdles

Repair Ice makers and enjoy Christmas without hurdles

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is busy planning for the bash. Christmas trees are bought and decorations and themes are being planned. Menus are being decided, gifts are being purchased  The best of our silverware are being bought out and cleaned. Cocktails and drinks are decided. But while we are doing this, we forget that we need ice.

Most of us have ice makers at home, and therefore we are not worried about the extra ice that we would need. But as Benjamin Franklin says, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. While we think that we are prepared for the party, have you thought of  what will happen if suddenly your ice maker breaks? It won’t be possible to get ice on Christmas eve.

To avoid such kind of situation, get the ice maker serviced. When you inspect your appliances yourself, you get the idea of it’s well being. This way you can determine, whether you’ll be able to repair it at home or whether you’ll need expert suggestion. Here, are a few ways of preserving your ice makers.

When ice doesn’t form:  This usually happens when there is problem with supply line. Check whether the tube is frozen, clogged or is turned off. It may be that the ice is not forming as its path is obstructed. Defrost the tube to start the production of the ice. Inspect the tube carefully, while doing this. Some other problems include broken timing gear, defective water switch, defective module head, open water inlet valve and defective saddle valve.

Ice keeps on forming: When your ice maker doesn’t stop making ice even if it is full, it may be because of problem in the shutoff arm. Lift the bail wire and turn off the ice maker. Remove the ice bin and clear off all the ice. If you are not able to do it, call plumbing service provider and get it done.

Ice maker freezes: When the ice maker itself freezes, take out the ice bin and remove all the ice. Once you have done this, find the fill tube. Fill tube is a white rubber tube that delivers water to the ice maker. Warm the tube so that it doesn’t get too cold and we can avoid frozen pipe.

Bad odor: This can happen when the water that is being used is not good. Remove the ice bin and clean it thoroughly. The ice maker should be cleaned regularly. Even after cleaning the ice maker, you are facing the problem replace the filter.

This are few if the ways to repair the ice maker at home. But if you think that you won’t be able to do it at home, then it is better to call the licensed plumber. They know the correct methods of repairing the ice maker. And it better one way as it will solve the problem permanently and you won’t have the same trouble again. For people in New Jersey, contact A-General to repair the ice makers. They are oldest and the best plumbing and sewer service providers.


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