Types of water jetting services

Types of water jetting services

Of the five elements which make life on earth (earth, water, fire, air, and space), the two which signify movement are water and air. They can be stored, compressed and moved from one point to another. In the world of drain and sewer jetting, and all manner of cleaning where deep, sustained cleaning is the need, water has a clear advantage over air.

Hydro jetting services in the domain of plumbing, drain and sewer cleaning is a done thing which most know about. Given the sheer speed of water spewing from the nozzle, most obstructions don’t stand a chance. That said, hydro jetting services have other uses as well. Clearly, if drains and sewers can be cleaned of long-standing obstructions, why not other places? We mention below a few other applications of drain jetting services

  1. Surface preparation for further treatment! Bending down to see the under-body of any vehicle would show you how different it is down there when compared to the shiny exterior of most vehicles! There is grime, dust, engine-oil and grease smudges and sometimes, corroded metal. All these can be cleaned decisively and completely, be it for the sake of cleaning or for further treatments like chassis painting, welding and the sort. And that invariably is through hydro-jetting! A blast of water at the right speed is what it takes to rip apart the most stubborn of ungainly gunk!
  1. Cleaning concrete/ cement surfaces for further treatment! Concrete, especially when used in flooring with time develops pits which can either be refilled or taken apart in substantial quantities to be refilled to look and feel as good as new. In either cases, hydro-jetting helps immensely as it removes matter that has gone lose, big or small and at the same time also carries away grime, mud and anything that may impede the integration and setting of the new concrete being applied from above.
  1. Cleaning the hulls of ships and other marine vessels! Jetting service are the perfect cure for the hulls of ocean-going vessels irrespective of size and type. Two things from the sea badly affect vessel hulls. One, salt in the water, and the other is the presence of algae and other plant-life that stick to the salty water and destroy the surface. The only answer is specialized paints which can be applied for the right effect only when the surface is clean. And no prizes for guessing how you get the gleaming clean finish! But of course by hydro-jetting!
  1. Cleaning tanks and storage systems! Tanks be it meant to store water, petroleum products or chemicals may call for maintenance cleaning at regular intervals. Given the surface area to be cleaned, speed and thoroughness of cleaning, and type being stored therein, hydro-jetting could be the best possible option (if its chemicals, including hydrocarbons, it makes sense to first inspect their MSDS before resorting to simple hydro-cleaning). Hydro-jetting does most of the work rather efficiently and with the minimum waste of time.

Three cheers to water jetting! Nothing, absolutely nothing can stand before a stream of very determined water. Never has & never will!


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